Pororo Wingstop Summer Ring (BLUE)

Pororo Wingstop Summer Ring (BLUE)
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Product Information:

  1. Weight: 1 piece
  2. EA/BOX: 450ea (per type)
  3. Origin: South Korea
  4. Types: Red and Blue
  5. Ingredients: Silicon, Natural Citronella Oil and more.
  6. Expiry date: 3 years from manufacturing date


Product Features:

  • Use nontoxic silicon.
  • Exclude artificial ingredients and use 100% of natural “Citronella” oil
  • No skin stimulations on delicate skin.
  • Use Pororo character, the President of kids, for approach friendly to moms and kids.
  • 2 Colors (Blue/Red), zipper bag package for reuse
  • Silicon makes soft wearable.
  • Pororo character and transform to curvilinear form when use prevent interests.


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