Dragon Fruit Pore Remover – Wash Off

Dragon Fruit Pore Remover – Wash Off
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he dragon fruit extract completely pulls out sebum & wastes from pores and instantly shrinks the sizes.
Pink Fruity smoothly applies on the face and supplies the needed nutrients and moisture to the skin. The exfoliating particles also takes care of the pores so there is no need for additional skincare after using this mask.


Four Main Features of Pink Fruity

  1. Dragon fruit extract’s strong pore cleansing effect
    The dragon fruit that is contained in the mask completely removes sebum & impurities and tightens the pores.
  2. Wash-off mask that traps moisture
    Dragon fruits are also known as oasis in the deserts due to high volume of water content. So after it is washed off, your skin will be hydrated enough to skip your regular skin care routine.
  3. Cooling effect & Visible pore tightening!
    As part of pore tightening process, the tingly sensation and cooling effect will instantly reduce the size of the loosened pores.
  4. Dragon fruit exfoliating particles
    Little particles are there to exfoliate dead skin cells and smooth out the skin surface by removing whiteheads and blackheads without any skin irritation.

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